SC030218 - Hydraulic Performance of River Bridges and Other Structures at High Flows Phase 2

Theme:Sustainable Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/12/2003
End date:30/06/2007
  • Flood Defence
  • JBA


This research project has provided software tools to enable flood risk management and drainage practitioners, Development Control staff and researchers to estimate afflux (which is defined as the increase in water levels upstream of a structure or other obstruction in a watercourse). This research improves our understanding of how in-channel waterway structures affect flood water levels at high flows. The project researched a range of methods for calculating afflux, to determine how well they could be applied to the various types of bridges and culverts found in UK channels and developed the Afflux Advisor, a spreadsheet tool for non-specialists, alongside the The Afflux Estimation System (AES) is a more rigorous tool for calculating afflux, based on a combination of hydraulic theory with field and laboratory data. Further detail is available at