SC940252 - Design of Straight and Meandering Compound Channels

Theme:Sustainable Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/01/0001
End date:01/09/1994
  • HR Wallingford


This report brings together the two procedures for straight and meandering compound channels in one document, to facilitate their use in the design office. The report summarises the important mechanisms which affect the discharge capacities of straight and meandering compound channels; provides guidelines on the choice of the straight or meandering method; gives details of the two procedures along with detailed worked examples; annexes at the end of the report give summaries of the development and verification steps which were followed for the two procedures. Implications for software and a bibliography are also given.
Both the guidelines given in this report and the layout are regarded as interim. It is issued in the hope that users will provide feedback on the procedures and their use.