SC030229 - Achieving Technological Innovation in Flood Forecasting ACTIF

Theme:Incident Management and Community
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/04/2003
End date:01/03/2006
  • Flood Defence
  • Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) Water and Environment,
  • University of Bologna,
  • Norwegian Earth Observation Institute (Norut IT),
  • ARPA-Servizio Meteorologico Regionale, Bologna,
  • ISAC-CNR (Bologna),
  • Salford University, Biological Sciences,
  • Delft Hydraulics,
  • HR Wallingford


The ACTIF EU funded project built awareness of EC and other relevant research on flood prevention, protection and mitigation to influence future flood management policy and practice. The research disseminated included the use of ensemble forecasting techniques, rainfall forecasts using numerical weather prediction, use of remote sensing data and incorporation of uncertainty into flood forecasting to improve reliability and effectiveness of decisions.