SC060074 - Prediction of Large Scale Long-Term Coastal Geomorphological Changes and Responses (Phase 1- Conceptional Model Devel.)

Theme:Modelling and Risk
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/03/2007
End date:31/12/2009
  • Flood Defence
  • HR Wallingford


The project will lead to improved knowledge, models and analysis methods for predicting large scale long term coastal geomorphological change including responses to human interventions including climate change. The conceptual model will be based on historic behaviour and for selected types of coastal systems the conceptual model will be implemented numerically to a proof of concept level, to investigate its suitability for practical applications. In the long-term it will lead to improved broad scale models to predict long term changes to beaches and coastlines and thereby enhance our ability to assess risks and benefits of coastal management options enabling better decisions, more certainty of the impact of schemes and strategies, and more effective and efficient schemes.