SC010029 - Hydraulic Performance of River Bridges and Other Structures at High Flows Scoping Study

Theme:Sustainable Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/08/2001
End date:01/06/2004
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Since the Easter Floods of 1998, the Agency has made considerable efforts to improve the effectiveness of its flood forecasting and warning services, and R&D into this area of the business has been reviewed in the light of the Independent Review into the Easter 1998 Floods (The Bye Report), and the Report of the Advisory Committee into Flood and Coastal Defence R&D (1999) (The Penning-Rowsell Report).

As a result of consideration of these independent reports and consultation, there have been several outcomes, all based around the need to:

Prioritise research
Integrate and co-ordinate R&D with other key players such as Defra & the Met Office
Deliver and implement outcome orientated R&D

The Flood Defence function has recently undertaken a review of the way it justifies, plans, and manages its R&D. As a result the function will manage its R&D in a more integrated and outcome focussed way in the future, as part of a joint thematic approach in collaboration with Defra.

As part of the review of the existing Topic Advice that the Agency contracts out, the Flood Defence Function has identified a need to tender for External Advisors to assist in the planning and management of its Flood Defence R&D Themes through carrying out the tasks listed below. The anticipated resource requirement is between 20 and 25 days per year.

This Project had added urgency following Floods 2000 as the Afflux Project plus the Conveyance Project will together provide a significant enhancement in flood water level estimation. Each needs the other in order to stitch together a continuous flood water surface profile along a river or major watercourse.