W5C-013/5 - Real-Time Modelling

Theme:Incident Management and Community
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/03/2001
End date:01/03/2005
  • WS Atkins


1) To review previous R&D together with other relevant material available in the UK and overseas, including "Benchmarking and Scoping Study of Hydraulic Models" and "Comparison of Rainfall-Runoff Models for Flood Forecasting" recently undertaken for the Agency.

2) To produce guidelines on:
· model choice for different types of river channel, flood plain and control structure and for a variety of catchment types;
· models suitable for use on ungauged catchments and for ungauged river channel locations;
· choice of forecast updating method to use for both hydraulic and hydrological forecasting models; and
· level of confidence with which a model can be selected for a given situation.

3) To identify gaps in the existing research base, along with new research opportunities stemming from emerging technologies.

4) To identify, scope and prioritise R&D needs for real-time modelling.