Policy, Strategy and Investment (PSI)

Our vision

“To deliver the evidence needed to support the development and implementation of flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy and policy in England and Wales”

PSI is a broad theme covering both policy and strategicquestions associated with flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM).The theme is jointly managed between Defra and the Environment Agency to reflect the respective organisational roles and topics including issues of immediate concern as well as medium and longer-term requirements.

Topics areas

The PSI topics will cover a range of areas including:

  • Communication and engagement
  • Coastal and inland strategies
  • Partnership working across all risk management authorities
  • Growth and development
  • Insurance 
  • Appraisal and investment 
  • Working with natural processes
  • Coastal flood risk management and adaptation


We aim to deliver evidence that will enable the development of policies to:

  • Enable our partners, including local communities, to take greater responsibility for managing their own flood risk
  • Ensure that both capital and revenue spending on flood risk management represent value for money
  • Leverage an increase in overall investment in flood management without continually increasing the burden on the general taxpayer
  • Increase resilience in a range of domains, for example: financial, infrastructure, institutional and social, to reduce the impact of flooding when it occurs
  • Ensure that flood and coastal erosion risk management supports wider economic priorities, for example, in relation to growth
  • Ensure that strategic and investment decisions are based on the best available evidence, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness