Local Flood Risk

What is Local Flood Risk?
Local Flood Risk means flooding from surface water, ordinary watercourses and groundwater. In the context of this research, it also covers the interactions with flooding from main rivers, the public sewer network and the sea.

The Local Flood Risk research framework
We have prepared a Local Flood Risk research framework for a five year programme of projects addressing science, knowledge, best practice and capacity building needs. The aim of the framework is to improve the knowledge people need to do their job, and to coordinate the research commissioning, so that it is delivered more effectively and efficiently. 

Who created the framework?
The framework was prepared by individuals from across the Local Flood Risk community. The organisations involved include Lead Local Flood Authorities, water companies, Internal Drainage Boards, Highways Agency, Environment Agency, Defra, local community flood groups and the National Flood Forum. It benefitted from a huge amount of support from the private sector including several consultancy firms and two professional groups: CIWEM’s Urban Drainage Group, and Susdrain – the community for sustainable drainage. Several universities provided academic input, helping to ensure the quality of the research question. 

When ‘we’ is mentioned in the framework, it refers to the valuable input from all involved.

Where can I find the framework?
The outputs are presented in the following documents:

  • Non-technical summary which presents a visual summary of the key elements of the research roadmap.
  • Technical Report which provides details on how we have developed the roadmap, the projects we have identified and prioritised, and how we will engage and monitor the roadmap over a five year period.  It also includes the appendices which provide the stakeholder questionnaire, the research proposals for the prioritised practitioner focused research projects, other lower priority research projects identified and outputs from our stakeholder workshop.
These project documents are available to download here.